Interactive Watt II Six-Bar Linkage Kinematic Analysis

Given the link lengths, theta1, theta2, theta5, omega2, alpha2, psi, and the coupler point vector, the interface below allows the user to find the possible input and output ranges of the mechanism, along with the instantaneous position, velocity, and acceleration of the coupler point P.

Unit Type:
Link lengths (m or ft):
r1: r2: r3: r4:
r5: r6: r7: r8:

Mode for all angles (beta,theta1,theta2,theta5,psi):
Coupler Vector: rp: beta:

Base and input angles:
theta1: theta2: theta5:

Angular velocity and acceleration of link2:
omega2: alpha2:

Included angle between links 4,5:

Output option:

  1. Display analysis results
  2. Display Watt (II) sixbar position -- Branch Number:

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