EME172 -- Automatic Control of Engineering Systems

Instructor: Dr. Bo Chen

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Class Information

  • General Information
  • Resources for this Course

  • Obtain C/C++ interpreter, Ch Student Edition with ChIDE to run C/Ch/C++ Programs in Windows. ChIDE and Ch Control System Toolkit is bundled in Ch Student Edition.
  • Getting Started with Ch IDE to Run C/Ch/C++ Programs
  • Control System Toolkit

  • Ch Control System Toolkit
  • Web-Based Control System Analysis and Design
  • Getting Started with Ch Control System Toolkit
  • Ch Control System Toolkit User's Guide
  • Sample Application Code of Ch Control System Toolkit
  • Class Demonstrations of Lead and Lag Compensator Design

  • Lag Compensator Design
  • Lead Compensator Design
  • Web-Based Compensator Design (source code included)

  • Web-Based Compensator Design
  • Class Discussions

  • Discussion #1
  • Discussion #2
  • Discussion #3
  • Discussion #4
  • Homework Solutions

  • Homework #1
  • Homework #2
  • Homework #3
  • Homework #4
  • Homework #5
  • Sample Programs for Lead Compensator Design based on the Desired Dominant Pole Pair

  • Non-interactive program
  • Interactive program based on the above non-interactive version

  • Webservice(at)iel.ucdavis.edu