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A flexible mechatronic system requires an open architecture integration environment that is mechatronic device and computer platform independent. An interactive environment allows the users to step through programs and acquire immediate feedback from the system and is most suitable for the development of mechatronic systems used in a multitude of operations. Ch, an embeddable C/C++ interpreter, was developed for mechatronic-independent task-level programming. It is an open architecture integration language environment for the integration of mechatronic systems in agile manufacturing, interactive motion control, rapid prototyping, web-based remote motion control, and as a learning tool for motion control. An experimental mechatronic system with a robotic workcell and a Delta Tau's programmable multi-axis controller board has been developed to demonstrate the capabilities and the ease in integrating mechatronic devices in Ch, which is freely available for downloading from SoftIntegration

Previous research has been done with the integration of a robotic workcell into the open architecture environment, Ch. This research consisted of two robotic arms, a conveyer system, and the LynxOS Real-Time operating system on a VMEbus based computer. The robotic workcell was controlled through the PMAC-VME board. The research is being continued to update the system to current industrial and commerical available systems. RT Linux is being looked into to replace the use of LynxOS, standard PCs will be used instead of a VMEbus based computer and the new Turbo PMAC2-PCI board will be used instead of the PMAC-VME board.