ABC Channel 7 News: Girls' Leadership Camp on Computing and Robotics

2013 RoboPlay Challenge Competition sample video

2013 RoboPlay Video Competition Best Overall Video

A Robot Relay Race with Linkbots

Playing a Soccer Game with Linkbots

Linkbots Snake Motion

Mobot Explorer

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Mobot Group

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Download the source code written in Ch

Humanoid Mobot

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Mobots Making Coffee

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CBS 13 News Story

2012 Summer Institute

2012 RoboPlay Competition

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Ninja Mobots

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Barobo Mobot

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Mobots in the Zoo

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Mobots in the Forest

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iMobot --- an Intelligent Modular Robot, Barobo, Inc.

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ABC Channel 7: Transforming robots not just science fiction

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Motion of iMobot Modules

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Programming iMobot - an Intelligent Reconfigurable Modular Robot

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iMobot - An Intelligent Reconfigurable Modular Robot

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