Computer-Aided Design and Analysis
for Whitworth Quick Return Mechanism

---- A Student Project for Computer-Aided Mechanism Design

Single position animation

Download source code for the program and web pages

This code is for design and analysis of Whitworth Quick Return Mechanisms. It allows users to perform the analyses shown here on your own computer. To use this software package, you need to install Ch --- an embeddable C/C++ interpreter and its Mechanism Toolkit. Ch is freely available for downloading from here.

Below are links to the source files for the Web-based interface to the program code. The HTML files can be viewed using a Web browser. But, running CGI programs require installation of Ch and its CGI toolkit along with the availability of your computer to run CGI code through its own web server, such as a PC with Windows XP which contains IIS (Internet Information Server).

Any questions or comments can be directed to mechanism (@)

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